Pragati Paints & Allied Products

Synthetic Primer

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic primers, which are used in industries due to its useful features. Our high quality and low cost general purpose synthetic primers are used on interior surfaces. These are economical and give hard various metallic equipments.

Properties :
  • Smooth and hard finish
  • Hard finish
    • Durable
  • Quick drying
    • Anti corrosive

    Usage :
    • For ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces

    Applications :
    • Auto bodies pumps
    • Valves

    Specifications :

    Redoxide Primer Redoxide Metal General Purpose Primer for Structural steel
    Redoxide Zinc Chromate Primer
    Redoxide Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for autobodies,
    pumps, valves & other fabricated parts.
    Redoxide Zinc phospate Primer Redoxide Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for Exterior Structures
    Zinc Chromate Primer (IS 104) Yellow Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for bothe ferrous
    & nonferrous metal surfaces
    Zinc Phosphate Primer White / Grey Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for humid &
    coastal environment
    HB MIO Primer Grey / Reddish / Brown Metal A high build coating with micaceous Iron oxide,
    Imparts resistance to moisture & water vapour
    Quick Drying
    Primer Surfacer
    White / Grey / Black Metal Excellent intermediate coat for autobodies
    pumps, valves & other fabricated parts to
    cover surface irregularities